In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Luna fears the return of Sacha. Thomas found the means to take revenge for the actions of Gabriel in closer to Eric. Jerome, himself, does not feel of size for his new position. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Sacha back in Marseille while the Mistral welcomed the announcement of the return of Sacha and Mathilde Vazquez – ISB who actually believe the media that they had survived the plane crash, and were held hostage since Luna refuses to play the comedy. It does not forgive Ash for him to have lied in order to escape with Victory, and afraid of having to face him after being betrayed by giving in to the blackmail of Ferri. Victory, before again pretending to be Matilda Vazquez, promises Ash to protect it until all this business is behind them. Thomas combines the pleasant with the useful Thomas rants and raves to see Gabriel and his parents installed at the terrace of his bar. He explained the situation to Eric, who became his confidant : Gabriel feared too his father for coming out of the closet and assume his true family. The captain of the brigade encourages her to react and find a way to give him a good lesson. Seized by a sudden inspiration, Thomas gives a spirited kiss to Eric, under the gaze of bemused Gabriel and his parents. His father, outraged, gives free rein to his homophobia. Gabriel’s despair… a New challenge for Jérôme In GTS, this is the first day of Jerome as an agent of technological mastery. Due to the promotion given to him by Clement, it must now be proven. Panic-stricken to listen to the technical terms used during a meeting to find a system of glue biodegradable, he confesses to Clement does not feel out of place. But his superior reassures him about his potential and encourages him not to give up. In fact, Jerome has continued in the ideas…

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Counterpart season 2 : our balance sheet between disappointment and excitement

It will have to wait until 2020 before returning to the hero of “Westworld”, but the filming comes to start ! Actress Evan Rachel Wood has revealed in a short video of its preparation, to say the least… amazing ! Fans of Westworld will know, he will need some patience before being able to discover the season 3 of the show pharaonic HBO, as it is expected in 2020. But the filming is about to start since the pre-production is already well underway. The evidence with Evan Rachel Wood, the interpreter from Dolores, who just posted on his Twitter account a short video showing it in full session of the molding of his body, as it must do each year. Welp. Sti officially my first day back at work on #Westworld getting my annual body cast made. Which means filming starts soooooooon. #SEASON3 #ITSHAPPENING #NOTADRILL — #EvanRachelWould (@evanrachelwood) February 8, 2019 The information on season 3 are evidently disclosed in the account-drop, but one already knows that Aaron Paul, Jesse from Breaking Bad, joined the troupe while the creators announced that it will be “radically different” that it is the same sort of “a new start”. This seems to confirm, between the lines, that the world of the western could be abandoned for a visit to another park Delos…

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On the occasion of the release of “Ralph 2.0”, his French voice iconic speaks of that hero, grand child, lack of love, and he was pleased to find it at the heart of its dive sharp and poetic in the world of the internet. Meeting… AlloCiné : A word about your involvement in the dubbing at Disney in general and Ralph in particular… François-Xavier Demaison : It is that of happiness. I love the bonhomie of this hero. I loved working on the first installment and then I found Disney with the film Coco, on which I made a small voice. You know, it is always an honor to go into the Disney universe to be an actor. How an actor of dubbing joined it or different does it of the actor “short” ? These are two different trades that are not incompatible. There is a commitment in the dubbing, a commitment of the body in particular, which is important. A commitment more technical as it should be in the sores of the character, here in its american version. There are the technical, the acting, and then there is creative real-time… Ralph 2.0 “breaks the internet code” at the same time as the Disney studios break their codes to them, particularly in the staging of their princesses… there’s a modernity that comes from Disney, which is pretty obvious. The princesses are over there waiting, they take things in hand, they are going to even save the skin of our Ralph. The studios are well suited indeed. In this regard, the “princess” is not only to small girls but also little boys, and then not only for children but also for adults. It comes to modern fables of our time period that we are bluffing and make us happy. Has the picture of Vice Versa on emotions, the film explains to us what the internet is and how it works, in a manner accessible and entertaining… They don’t give lessons, it is smart enough, they are pretty, small, messages. This is not because you are criticized on the networks that you are a good person. This is not because you have a lot of followers that you have friends. All of this, it is pretty, and the film has several levels of reading. What is your own relationship to the internet or more specifically social networks? I have a lot of fun to post things on instagram, I have 56000 followers and comments always very benevolent. I took a step back vis-à-vis Twitter, I was to 150000 followers. I must admit that I prefer the energy of instagram than of twitter. Historically this may be the first time that a Disney classic sees a sequel on the big screen so close. You have a feeling about this ? Ralph is a character that lends itself to it. For the creativity of the studios, it is a playground of extraordinary, because the first one was focused on video games, a little retro, against the modern, more violent. Today this journey in the internet… Sincerely, I hope that there will be a number 3 soon ! There has what to do with Ralph. Interview to Alpe d’huez by Laetitia Ratane on January 21, 2019. Framing : Citizen Cannes.


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Cinema : Chamboultout, My unknown, The class Struggle… The movies of the week

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : Tarantino rewrites history, a musical film about a young rapper and an espionage film with Dylan O’brien. “Allowed to watch” Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds with Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz (France 2, 21h05) : “In Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino rewrites History and the result is exhilarating. The director gives us a film of war scenario leads the all-worn by a cast of choice : Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender,… It takes an evil pleasure to see the Germans suffer and you repeat the replicas cults… And I want my scalps…” Laetitia Forhan Patti Cake$ trailer VO Patti Cake$ Geremy Jasper with Danielle Macdonald, Bridget Everett (OCS City, 20h40) : “Patti Cake$, is a very beautiful musical film that sends waltz the clichés and reveals a great actress in the person of Danielle MacDonald. The artist did not hesitate to learn how to rap from A to Z to be the most credible in the shoes of Patti, a young woman uncomfortable in his skin that will emancipate themselves through music. If the story is a little agreed, he is saved by the power of his characters and their psychological depth. We will remember the lovely relationship between the heroine and her best friend and the character very funny the grand-mother, grimacing with desire. A beautiful lesson of courage and character with a subversive dimension certain. And the songs remain long in the head !” Vincent Formica “Permit zapper” American Assassin trailer VO American Assassin by Michael Cuesta with Dylan O’brien, Michael Keaton (Canal + Décalé, 20h55) : “American Assassin” is an espionage film which dream to compete with the largest of its kind. Unfortunately, it is missed. Dylan O’brien sends us clearly not to the dream in the role of this little being disturbed, who has lost everything and is going to become a super-soldier spy (it is well known that the best soldiers are unstable psychologically) to take revenge of the brutal terrorists. As for Taylor Kitsch, he plays here a villain not very convincing, who wants him to avenge his spiritual mentor (a bit like in Skyfall, but much less well). To summarize, there is nothing innovative, you can pass your way.” Lucy Reeb “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Sunday, the 20th of January ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

Grey’s Anatomy : focus on Chris Carmack, the interpreter of dr. Atticus "Link" Lincoln
Radiant : the series adapted from the manga French won a season 2