Us : 5 things you may not know about Lupita’nyong o

Discover five stories about the actress Lupita’nyong o, which embodies the main character of the horror film “Us”. This week, Lupita’nyong’o is the poster of the horror is Us, directed by Jordan Peele, who are responsible for the phenomenon Get Out. She plays Adelaide, the mother of a family facing a trauma that resurfaces when she is on vacation with her husband and children. On this occasion, focus on five things you might not know about this actress revealed in 2013 by his performance memorable in 12 Years A Slave. Universal Pictures Lupita’nyong o in Us IT HAS BEEN a PRODUCTION ASSISTANT In 2005, Lupita’nyong’o has been a production assistant on The Constant Gardener, filmed in Kenya, and, more particularly, the main performer of this thriller : Ralph Fiennes. An enriching encounters has reinforced the commission in its desire to make a career of actress. So she decided to resume her studies in drama, while playing in several plays. SHE HAS MADE A DOCUMENTARY In 2009, Lupita’nyong o goes behind the camera and directed the documentary In My Genes, follows eight people with albinism in Kenya. The film deals with the following question : how does one live the fact of being white in a society that was predominantly black and be ignored by a large majority of the population ? Lupita’nyong’o has also produced and edited this documentary engaged. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF 2014, it WAS SHE ! Lupita’nyong’o has been voted the Most beautiful woman in the world” by the american People magazine in April 2014, shortly after his consecration for 12 Years A Slave. Keri Russell, Jenna Dewan, Mindy Kaling, Pink, Amber Heard, Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims, Stacy Keibler and Kerry Washington were also included in the head of this ranking. SHE HAS starred IN A PLAY WRITTEN BY DANAI GURIRA Active on the boards since his debut, Lupita’nyong’o has embodied one of the main characters of a play written by Danai Gurira, his partner in the Black Panther. It is”Eclipsed”, which tells the story of five women struggling to survive the end of the second liberian civil war. For her performance, she won the Theatre World Awards for best actress. IT TURNED INTO A CLIP OF JAY-Z In 2017, Lupita’nyong’o has played in a clip of Jay-Z, “MaNyfaCedGod”, as present in the bonus of 4 : 44, the thirteenth studio album solo of the famous rapper. In this clip shot in black and white, we see the actress embody a woman’s bruised, that a romantic relationship rough broke. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini, the images below are noteworthy for their sobriety.